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PVN seedshuttle construction, primary hull assembly phase (T+140hrs)
shown ~100m above, port, and forward of ISS Alpha for scale (alt 400km)

STAGE 1 - delivery of seedshuttle and crew to assembly site
( Seedshuttle clearance from hangar bay of mothership is less than one meter per side. It cannot move by itself and must be towed; towbees detach and assume workbee role to begin construction.) [seedshuttle cutaway]
STAGE 2 - workbees disassemble sidepods from seedshuttle
(Workbees extract pre-assembled Jefferies Tube cores from sidepods. Evacuated sidepods become usable "corridors" for control gallery assembly.)

STAGE 3 - control gallery is formed from sidepods
Break-line separates from hull releasing reactor assemblies. Deckgrowers launch to construct the initial crew quarters. (Crew still in EVA gear.) (See also here for details.)

STAGE 4 - initial crew quarters (Deck 17 aft)
The cramped crew may now move into their new home. The "black hole" is a turbo-elevator pass-thru, though shafts are inert anticipating Deck 16 control room assembly later in sequence.

STAGE 5 - secondary hull engineering facilities (Deck 16)
(PVN ceiling-cutaway and overhead views reveal color-coded deck plans. Note secondary hull fusion reactors and freshly installed Jefferies Tubes. Output of deckgrowers increases substantially once the reactors are online. Keyed-orange engineering services areas manufacture complex internal components like computers, transporter pads, and control consoles.)

STAGE 6 - secondary hull minimal operational status
At this point the secondary hull has minimally sufficient power and propulsion, life-support, computer, transporter and bridge facilities. It can wallow like a garbage scow but at least it's a ship! Note the Deck 15 water tanks and the Deck 19 secondary hull bridge and computer facilities.

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